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  • I’m a big-time lover of sushi! I am super particular about sushi & usually, if I’m just in need of a “quick fix”, my expectations are low. Today, I got that craving so I decided to gamble by trying this new, close by spot. I’m so glad I did too!!! I was extremely pleased how I was greeted, very surprised by the quality & flavor of the food & anytime the owner comes out to greet a new customer, it’s really ices the cake for me!

    Great quality & freshness of the fish, & most importantly too me… A fantastic sakè list!
    I’ll be back soon & often!

    - Anthony F. , Reseda, CA

  • Great sushi place. Try crunchy onion and Mr. Hamachi sashimi specials. Very nicely done. Specially the later, bit spicy, but that’s what makes it special. Great service too! Any one working here will ask you how you doing when passing by your table. They all serve your table.

    Be careful with “dare me ” items. They aren’t kidding, those are very spicy. Instant sweat guaranteed.

    -Ken N. , West Hills, CA

  • Wow, just wow. Warner Center usually does not have sushi places like this… I mean, I always go to Crazy Tokyo where its cheap fast and convenient.. but Tomoya was a great experience!

    Came here for dinner… Place has really nice decor. We sat at the bar and made really good friends with the head chef Jason. He’s the best! So friendly and so helpful.

    We got a lot of free samples from hjm because we did not chose what he got recommended.. so in all Italian Ninja is really good, its his favorite.. please get it!

    Tomo Tomo is a bit spicy. Monster Lover was great if you love eel sauce. And my favorite was Albacore Lover.

    Fish is fresh, rice is sticky and warm. The rolls are great size, perfect to share. We shared three plates between two and were very full. Also, Jason was nice and teaching us about the sushi culture.. by giving us different kind of sauces. Very great!

    I wil definitely come back— great quality sushi, very nice decor ( upper class sushi) and great staff. I’m coming back next time to drunk soju!

    -Alina K. , Los Angeles, CA

  • Great sushi in Woodland Hills. Everyone is always very friendly too when you are there. The service is great and the sushi is yummy! The prices are great too. If you want some delicious sushi at the right place with good service, then stop here!

    - Lynn M. , Simi Valley, CA

  • Omg!!! Very taste and fresh, after watching the counselor movie, at least some good food, totally recommend , service is nice and helpful!

    -N S. , Downtown, Atlanta, GA

  • Again, Tomoya came through!! I called Joon ( owner ) the night before my wedding and let him know we had have roughly 20 people coming to their restaurant after our wedding ceremony!!

    It was great!! Joon made sure all of our guests and of course the newlyweds were well taken care of! His staff worked hard to also make sure we were all happy on our happy day!!

    They gave us t-shirts which was cool, we snapped a few pics and made it on their wall of pictures!! I really enjoy the hospitality they provide no matter what special event or date night!

    Everyone that joined the newlyweds for the celebratory meal were also extremely content with the food and service and plan on returning as well.

    Keep up the AWESOME work Tomoya!!!

    -Karina M. , Woodland Hills, CA

  • Went here for the first time today and really, really enjoyed the food.

    The hospitality from Jason, the head chef and Joon, the owner, was a big plus as well.

    Uni was really fresh and spanish mackerel was just melt in your mouth yummy. Abalone with kizami wasabi and tobiko eggs was very interesting and good. Also had the salmon carpaccio with capers that was reaaally delish.

    And the almond tofu dessert…. OMG
    Might come back just for that soon.

    Check came out to a very reasonable price too! Has a $$$ rating but I think its only a $$. But oh well. It was worth every penny!

    Ps. they also have a new happy hour going on which is a BIG plus

    -Matthew K. , Toluca Lake, CA

  • Probably some of the best Sushi I have ever had. Really good CA blue crab roll and the forbidden pleasure roll is amazing. Must try!

    -Adrian M. , Freemont, CA

  • Quality fish, big portions & great deals! The ambiance is pleasing, the service is fast friendly & courteous, but most importantly the fish is fresh and comes in large portions!

    This place is definitely my new local sushi spot; fit for a date, lunch meeting or just a good time with friends. The owner is on top of his business, serving plates himself and ensuring that the customers experience is great one.

    They also have happy hour from 9 PM – Close which is at 11:00 pm on weeknights… I can’t think of any other quality local sushi spot that stays open that late!

    5 Stars all the way :)

    -Eddie B. , West Hills, CA

  • I am a sushi enthusiast and this is one of my favorite places I absolutely loved it the restaurant was nice great presentation the house sake was really GOod and the sushi was so fresh some of the best I have had 😉 ill definitely be going back.

    -Exsayana S. , Canoga Park, CA

  • Great sushi. Owner June makes the meal personal, adding recommendations along with the specials. He even bought us a stuffed halibut plate on the house because my dad (who goes often) is such a good customer! The sushi is good quality and the staff are attentive. Great find!

    -Amanda H. , Woodland Hills, CA

  • This is my second time here with my future mrs. Good happy hour prices are not what draws me to a sushi place. However, this place does offer a great happy hour. Fresh fish and good service. I have eaten sushi around the world…. This place us amongst my favorites here at home

    -D K. , Woodland Hills, CA

  • This is my new favorite place. Lots of innovative interesting items for my husband who is a sushi gourmand and just enough veggie food for me. We both love the almond tofu dessert … go figure.

    The decor is really nice, this isn’t a strip mall place! It’s right by Fry’s on Conoga, so it’s easy to find. Since Bonzai isn’t the same anymore, and has almost nothing vegan now that the chefs won’t make special things I had to find somewhere new and after trying several other restaurants I have to say this is the one. The chef made me a special veggie roll that wasn’t even on the menu, while my husband happily chowed down on every special thing he saw the chef making. That’s why we always sit at the sushi bar. My husband gave the owner a million-dollar bill and told him that’s how much he liked the sushi. OK, the million-dollar bill was fake, but my husband said he’d be worth it even if it was real!

    -Joycellia S. , Calabasas, CA

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