This is my new favorite place. Lots of innovative interesting items for my husband who is a sushi gourmand and just enough veggie food for me. We both love the almond tofu dessert … go figure.

The decor is really nice, this isn’t a strip mall place! It’s right by Fry’s on Conoga, so it’s easy to find. Since Bonzai isn’t the same anymore, and has almost nothing vegan now that the chefs won’t make special things I had to find somewhere new and after trying several other restaurants I have to say this is the one. The chef made me a special veggie roll that wasn’t even on the menu, while my husband happily chowed down on every special thing he saw the chef making. That’s why we always sit at the sushi bar. My husband gave the owner a million-dollar bill and told him that’s how much he liked the sushi. OK, the million-dollar bill was fake, but my husband said he’d be worth it even if it was real!