Wow, just wow. Warner Center usually does not have sushi places like this… I mean, I always go to Crazy Tokyo where its cheap fast and convenient.. but Tomoya was a great experience!

Came here for dinner… Place has really nice decor. We sat at the bar and made really good friends with the head chef Jason. He’s the best! So friendly and so helpful.

We got a lot of free samples from hjm because we did not chose what he got recommended.. so in all Italian Ninja is really good, its his favorite.. please get it!

Tomo Tomo is a bit spicy. Monster Lover was great if you love eel sauce. And my favorite was Albacore Lover.

Fish is fresh, rice is sticky and warm. The rolls are great size, perfect to share. We shared three plates between two and were very full. Also, Jason was nice and teaching us about the sushi culture.. by giving us different kind of sauces. Very great!

I wil definitely come back— great quality sushi, very nice decor ( upper class sushi) and great staff. I’m coming back next time to drunk soju!